Online Media Buying, Online Video Advertising, On-Demand Advertising Agency

Koeppel Interactive is a new media advertising agency providing online media buying, interactive video advertising and on-demand media buying services to the direct response industry. Our mission is to deliver next generation direct response campaigns that are impactful, profitable and always exceed our clients' expectations.

Having worked with some of the most successful direct response marketers in the business, we know that it is not easy to transfer an infomercial or radio blitz campaign to the Internet. Koeppel Interactive ventures far beyond advertising your product on the search engines or blasting your customers with un-welcomed email; we perform in-depth research, test, tweak, and roll out highly-effective campaigns that achieve an outstanding return on investment (ROI).
An Online Media Buyer is someone who plans, negotiates, purchases and tracks ad placements on multiple Web sites, including search engines and Web portals. Pay-Per-Click Buying and Rich Media Buying are types of online media buying.
Our multi-media, multi-channel approach includes next generation on-demand television advertising via cable/satellite video-on-demand (VOD), digital video recorder (DVR), Internet protocol television (IPTV) and mobile TV ad streams. We take interactive direct response to a new level, achieving the response rates and close ratios of successful DRTV and radio campaigns.

We deliver digital media campaigns that not only drive direct response, but also maximize your brand for offline channels such as retail. Our intimate knowledge of the direct response product lifecycle, from manufacturing to inbound logistics, marketing, distribution and customer service, truly sets us apart as an agency committed to your overall success.

Our expert services include:

  • Online media planning and buying
  • Search engine paid advertising
  • Rich media advertising
  • On-demand advertising
  • Direct response consulting
Interactive Video Advertising is a powerful new form of online advertising based on video streaming technologies such as Flash. Interactive hotspots are added to the Flash ad to enable interaction with characters and other images in the video. Variations of interactive video advertising and "hotspotting" are also found in on-demand television advertising. 

Media Planning and Buying Specialists

Koeppel Interactive specializes in large-scale digital media campaigns that require rigorous upfront strategy and planning. Our "special sauce" is understanding how to drive big numbers (thousands of orders per day) from next generation channels, such as search, RSS, blogging, rich media and video-on-demand advertising.

We use a structured approach to both online and on-demand media planning, starting with a thorough assessment of your marketing objectives, products and offers. We bring a strong understanding of traditional direct response to this process, enabling us to develop a marketing roadmap that merges your digital media strategy with your linear television, radio and print strategies.

We are easy-to-work-with team players who are happy to share information with your other consultants and traditional media buyers to accomplish multi-channel campaigns that reach consumers at every media touch point. No matter where you are in the marketing funnel, we want to add value by doing whatever it takes to get results.

After we understand your objectives, we set out to better understand your market, analyzing keyword popularity, buyer demographics and psychographics. Our goal is to develop insightful media plans that connect the right audiences with the right endemic publishers, ad copy and creative content. Once your campaign is in flight, we test, retest, tweak, optimize and measure each ad for maximum effectiveness.
An On-Demand Media Buyer is someone who plans, negotiates, purchases and tracks on-demand ads, including video-on-demand (VOD), digital video recorder (DVR), Internet Protocol television (IPTV) and mobile TV ads. On-Demand Advertising is a new, but fast growing form of viewer-initiated advertising that has similar measurement and pay-per-performance advantages as the Internet.

Direct Response Experts

In addition to being digital media buyers, we are also direct response experts and consultants. We have years of hands-on experience taking a diverse range of DRTV products to market, including fitness, kitchen, hardware, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products.

Because of our experience with both successful and unsuccessful products, we know how all of the moving pieces need to come together to produce a hit. Part of our process is making sure that offers, call center scripts, upsells, continuity programs, Web sites and other critical aspects of your go-to-market strategy are in place and fine-tuned for success. We work with a network of the best direct response vendors in the industry and can help you source any function, from front-end infomercial production, TV/radio media buying and telemarketing to back-end payment processing, fulfillment, retail distribution and customer service.

At the end of the day, our goal is to turn traditional DRTV and radio marketers into successful interactive marketers.

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