Benefits of Interactive Media Buying, New Media Buying with Koeppel Interactive


The world of advertising has changed dramatically in recent years.  In fact, it continues to change at an unprecedented pace. Television, radio, print and other forms of traditional media are steadily ceding ground to what those in the industry call interactive media or new media. This includes the Internet, which has grown faster than any other advertising medium. According to Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Internet advertising totaled $9.6 billion in 2004 and is predicted to reach $32 billion by 2009.

Interactive Media Buying or New Media Buying involves the planning, negotiation, purchase and tracking of digital video, audio, image and text-based ads delivered to a variety of devices over a variety of networks. This includes, but is not limited to, ads displayed on Websites and search engines, video ads streamed to set-top boxes, and ads delivered via synching or wirelessly to next generation cell phones. See also Internet Media Buying.

The Internet, on-demand television, and mobile entertainment are part of a next generation media landscape that is redefining the traditional direct response formula from passive viewer/listener, linear, mass market-oriented advertising to active participant, non-linear, highly targeted advertising. This new landscape has also created a tough buying audience that is demographically diverse, educated, and distrustful of conventional media messages.

Many direct response marketers are unprepared for the change. They are overwhelmed by the different technologies and advertising options and don’t know where to go beyond building a Website. Compounding the problem is an industry steeped in jargon and inflated, often misleading claims. Those marketers who have dabbled in new media have often been burned by email and affiliate marketing companies that misrepresent their capabilities and achieve nothing close to the numbers generated by television and radio.

The opportunity lies in managing interactive campaigns with the same budget commitment, planning and execution afforded to traditional media. Koeppel Interactive stands out from the pack as a new media agency focused on large scale blitz campaigns that elevate online/on-demand direct response to the level of television and radio. We are the company that serious marketers choose to not only supplement their traditional media efforts, but also to implement pure-play Internet campaigns that accomplish an outstanding return on investment (ROI).


Improve online ad response - Our powerful interactive video technology enables you to deliver ads that are more creative, engaging and interactive than standard ad units. Combined with superior media buying and campaign execution, these ads generate response rates and conversions comparable to successful television infomercials.

Increase revenue and return on investment (ROI) - Koeppel Interactive specializes in large multi-media, multi-channel campaigns that exceed our clients’ revenue expectations. We use a combination of technology and rigorous testing to optimize our campaigns for maximum gain.

Get more mileage out of your DRTV and radio investments - Our goal is to implement online and on-demand campaigns that extend the life of your products/offers. Instead of hit-and-run email blasts or thoughtless search engine campaigns, we believe in strategic campaigns that help you build your brand and increase consumer awareness for other channels, such as retail.

Reduce risk while expanding your new media footprint - Test and roll out new media campaigns with confidence. Koeppel Interactive’s state-of-the-art technology, agile processes and direct response experience give you the competitive edge to increase your online and on-demand investments with minimal risk.

Interactive Direct Response refers to the use of next generation advertising technology, such as online video ads, to sell products directly to consumers. One of the major drivers of interactive direct response is the growth of broadband in the home, which gives advertisers a rich media platform that not only connects with a large audience, but may also replace the television, stereo and game console with a single multi-media entertainment center. See also Online Direct Response.


Professional media buying approach - Unlike other online direct response firms that only do what they have to (and nothing more) to scoop up traffic generated by your television or radio ads, Koeppel Interactive uses a professional media buying approach that delivers both online and on-demand TV campaigns that can stand on their own. We have the knowledge and experience to create impactful, long-running campaigns that ultimately generate more revenue than many DRTV and radio campaigns.

Direct response focus - Our media buying and consulting services are specifically tailored to the needs of the direct response marketer. We are DRTV industry veterans who understand the challenges of manufacturing, marketing and distributing as seen on TV products. In fact, we started Koeppel Interactive to help our friends in the industry achieve the elusive online success that others have promised them for years.

Flexible pricing – We can manage your media and charge on a commission basis, or we can negotiate CPA-based pricing and only charge for the sales and upsells that we generate.

Quick and easy startup - Koeppel Interactive can get you up-and-running within a day with an advertiser account, direct response testing plan, and DRMetrics login. With DRMetrics you get a plug-and-play solution with no hardware, software, infrastructure or staff of any kind required.

Customized solution - Our media buying and consulting services can be offered separately or combined to form a complete solution. Our DRMetrics platform can be configured to support the way you do business with deeply customized menus, screens, and reports.

Rigorous testing methodology - Koeppel Interactive understands the value of thorough direct response testing. We extract learnings from every test, fine-tuning your online and on-demand campaigns to achieve superior results.

High quality ad placement at competitive prices - Because we are results focused, you can be sure that your campaigns are run on the best Websites, in the most effective locations, with the best converting ad formats. Often we have to spend money to make money, avoiding remnant inventory, email blasts and other cheap tactics to deliver robust, long-running campaigns with outstanding response rates. Because we buy in volume, we are able to get premium ad space at prices well below rate card.

Experienced, friendly staff - Our highly skilled staff have years of experience delivering technology-based solutions to the direct response industry. In contrast to many brash Web marketing firms, we are never arrogant or inaccessible and always put the needs of the client first.

The best support in the industry - Koeppel Interactive believes in responding to phone calls and emails the same day. We believe in one-on-one account support that is proactive, helpful and, above all, passionate about the success of each client.

Easy-to-use, powerful reporting - Our campaign reporting system was designed with the non-technical business user in mind. We provide clear, insightful reports that allow you to track, measure and optimize your advertising investments with confidence.

Performance accountability - All of our work is performance accountable, from the tests we run to the campaigns we plan and manage. Our DRMetrics platform tracks all facets of a campaign, providing clients with a complete, up-to-the-moment accounting of our decisions, actions and results.