Direct Response Consulting

Koeppel Interactive provides direct response consulting services to help marketers incorporate Internet and other next generation marketing channels into their marketing strategy. We help traditional television and radio marketers think “outside-the-box” and see beyond their current formulas.

The traditional DRTV formula relies on the passive television viewer to stumble upon an interesting direct response spot or infomercial and make an impulse buy. In the case of long form (30 minute) infomercials, the longer the viewer watches the infomercial, the more likely they are to convert. Because of this formula, DRTV marketers tend to be skeptical of the Internet with its tough, educated consumers and vast sea of content. Many do not see how their television or radio campaigns will translate to a medium that is so inherently active.

Direct response consulting is the process of advising and managing the different phases of a direct response marketing campaign. This includes not only how to produce an infomercial and buy airtime, but also how to take advantage of next generation marketing channels such as rich media, search engine, mobile and on-demand television advertising. See also Online Direct Response.
Koeppel Interactive uses real-world business scenarios to illustrate how targeted online advertising can deliver large numbers of qualified buyers, high conversion rates and excellent return on investment (ROI). We further show you how you can extend the life of a direct response product by amplifying the awareness that you generated via television and radio, and developing a strong product brand that translates into increased retail sales.

Koeppel Interactive's interactive media consulting package covers:
  • Online and on-demand media buying
  • Search engine paid advertising
  • Search engine 'natural search' optimization
  • Shopping search engines and marketplaces
  • Rich media advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Viral video distribution
  • Affiliate network marketing
  • Advergames, podcasting, vblogs, RSS advertising
  • On-demand advertising (VOD, DVR, IPTV)
  • Mobile TV advertising

For clients who want to explore the bleeding edge of interactive marketing, Koeppel Interactive offers marketing solutions that venture far beyond display advertising and search engine pay-per-click.  Our feed services use shopping search engine, RSS, and podcast feeds to drive sales from other people’s Websites.  Our guerilla marketing services, such as viral video distribution and promotional blogging, leverage the power of persuasion to soft-sell products and generate buzz for offline channels, such as retail.  All of our bleeding edge services are tailored to the needs of the direct response marketer, who expects real-world results and a return on investment (ROI) for every marketing dollar spent.

DRTV Consulting

In addition to interactive media-focused consulting, we also provide traditional direct response consulting to help companies with all phases of their go-to-market strategy. We have years of hands-on experience taking a diverse range of DRTV products to market, including fitness, kitchen, hardware, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products. We leverage this experience to provide you with invaluable insight into how a successful direct response product is sourced, packaged, marketed and distributed to consumers, wholesalers and retail chains.

Our traditional direct response consulting package covers:

  • Product sourcing
  • Inbound logistics
  • Infomercial production
  • Inventory and media funding
  • Television and radio media buying
  • Live shopping shows (HSN, QVC, etc.)
  • Telemarketing
  • Customer service
  • Payment processing
  • Continuity programs
  • Direct-to-consumer fulfillment
  • Retail distribution
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