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Internet Media Buying

Internet media buying has become an essential marketing service alongside television and radio media buying. Every year, more and more advertising budget is shifted to the Internet as companies seek better ways to target consumers and achieve a measurable return on investment (ROI).

To most traditional marketers, the Internet is a complex advertising medium with numerous channels, vast amounts of content and advertising options, and a dizzying array of technologies to plan, deliver, track and analyze online campaigns. Most DRTV and radio marketers have little idea where to spend their Internet budget, let alone how they will measure the media ratio and return on investment of their campaigns.

Koeppel Interactive helps DR companies manage their online media spend, charting a course through the initial testing process to campaign flight across different networks, properties and ad placements. We make advertising on the Internet both easy and profitable with solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of traditional television and radio marketers.
Internet Media Buying is the process of planning, negotiating, purchasing and tracking ad placements on multiple Web sites, including search engines and Web portals. Pay-Per-Click Buying and Rich Media Buying are types of Internet media buying.
Koeppel Interactive specializes in rich media advertising, including “beyond the banner" streaming video ads and online infomercials that will not only catch consumers' eyes, but also engage them and drive sales. All of our Internet media services, from rich media buying to campaign analysis and reporting, combine cutting-edge technology with practical, results-oriented execution.

Following is a summary of the services we provide:

  • Market research (target segments, audience behavior)
  • Search engine keyword analysis
  • Direct response testing
  • Online media planning
  • Media buying (rich media, PPC)
  • Ad trafficking and campaign stewardship
  • Search engine listing and bid management
  • ROI analysis and reporting

Koeppel Interactive works with the major search engines and Web publishers representing over 95% of all Internet traffic. Campaigns are negotiated directly with the publishers and buys are executed via online tools or insertion orders. Depending on the media mix or available ad inventory, different pricing models/performance measurements may be used to get the most out of every media dollar spent, including:

  • Cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM)
  • Cost per lead (CPL)
  • Cost per click (CPC)
  • Cost per action (CPA)

CPA is a pay-for-performance model similar to per inquiry (PI) advertising on television and radio in that you only pay when a sale or other action is completed. Koeppel Interactive uses run-of-network, run-of-site, run of category and daypart-specific tests to negotiate CPA and CPC deals on the Web's most trafficked properties. Some publishers offer special direct response test programs based on discounted remnant inventory. Koeppel Interactive knows how to get the most from these kinds of bidded programs, allocating the right amount of spend to ensure optimal rotation and impressions.

From broad reach to highly targeted media plans, our goal is to always get the best response rate at the most favorable terms. To calculate CPA properly, we use fully loaded costs, including all expenses (video production, streaming, incremental creative, and related technology and support costs). Once we understand your CPA, we are better able to negotiate favorable CPM rates, especially for strategic buys where CPM guarantees placement and inventory.

Online Media Planning

All of our engagements start with rigorous research, analysis and planning. We help you exploit the full potential of the Internet through media plans that combine the right publishers, high-performance ad inventory and creative assets to reach your target audience.
Online Media Planning is the process of developing Internet advertising plans using site demographics, behavioral analysis and other inputs. An online media plan may contain one or several sub campaigns, depending on whether it is broad reach or targeted in scope. A plan should include the networks/sites being advertised on, placements, ad units (sizes), ad copy/creative versions, demographic targets (if applicable), flight start and end dates, number of impressions, % rotation, and any third-party tracking required. Media plans may change during the course of an online campaign and are subject to inventory availability, rates and other factors.
Once a campaign is up-and-running, Koeppel Interactive employs state-of-the-art analytics tools to track, measure and optimize each investment. From search engine listings and bids to rich media ad placements, Koeppel Interactive rigorously fine-tunes all elements of a campaign for maximum impact. Our methodology stresses in-flight testing, retesting and constant tweaking to ensure that online campaigns achieve optimal media efficiency, cost per order and profitability. We pay special attention to ad copy and creative, testing different calls to action, images, colors and other factors to identify the strongest ad content with the highest click through and conversion rates.

Throughout the campaign, we provide you with regular and detailed reports. You will always have clear, quantifiable results for your Internet advertising investments.

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