On-Demand Media Buying

On-Demand Media Buying for VOD, DVR and IPTV Advertising

Koeppel Interactive provides on-demand media buying, including video-on-demand (VOD) and digital video recorder (DVR) media buying, for direct response marketers looking to tap into this exciting new advertising arena. Also referred to as interactive TV or enhanced TV, on-demand television supports advertising that is opt-in, interactive, impulse-driven, and perhaps most importantly, measurable and ROI-based like Internet advertising.

Television is going through a slow, but steady paradigm shift as network operators make the transition to digital content and offer more dynamic methods for reaching consumers. From high-definition TV to on-demand video and games, digital video recorders, and PC to TV connections, digital television is not only going mainstream, but also converging with online/mobile media to create new touch points and non-linear advertising opportunities for direct response.

This digital content revolution is enabled by a new generation of digital media platforms, IP-based networks, middleware and advertising solutions that not only turn the traditional passive TV experience into an interactive, on-demand experience, but also make it financially attractive through increased fees and advertising revenues.

On-Demand Media Buying is the process of planning, negotiating, purchasing and tracking on-demand ads, including video-on-demand (VOD), digital video recorder (DVR), Internet Protocol television (IPTV) and mobile TV ads. On-demand TV is a powerful combination of television's mass appeal and the interactivity of the Web, offering advertisers a new world of on-demand programming where everything is direct response-enabled. See also On-Demand Advertising.
Koeppel Interactive works with direct response marketers to introduce them to on-demand television advertising and develop campaigns that are not only innovative, but also practical and cost-effective.

Our on-demand media buying services include:
  • Video on demand (VOD)
  • Digital video recorder (DVR)
  • Internet protocol TV (IPTV)
  • Mobile TV

Koeppel Interactive provides media planning and buying, creative management, ad trafficking, campaign analysis and reporting to help direct response marketers get the most out of on-demand advertising. We take charge of every facet, from the types of VOD programming to sponsor to the development of unique branded content and the use of interactive elements (e.g. overlays, links and telescoping ads) to drive viewer response.

Making the transition from traditional television advertising (a linear push medium) to on-demand advertising, where consumers are in control is not easy. Many direct response marketers will fail, largely because on-demand campaigns are more complex, data-intensive and time consuming. Koeppel Interactive understands these challenges. As one of the first media buyers in the on-demand space, we have the knowledge and tools to help you become a successful pioneering "DRODTV" marketer.

Because we are results focused, we always invest your on-demand media dollars to achieve maximum return on investment (ROI). To demonstrate accountability and track performance, Koeppel Interactive provides clients with usage and campaign analytics reports that provide up-to-the-moment, actionable data on cost per order, media efficiency and profitability.

VOD Media Buying is the process of negotiating and buying In Pod, In Navigation/Guidance and In Program video-on-demand ads across different networks. Media buys include information on flight duration; ad zone and type; demo, geo and behavioral targeting; and enhanced direct response features, such as viewer polling, coupons, consumer RFI, and wallet system purchases.
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