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Online Direct Response

Online direct response is the future of direct response marketing. Koeppel Interactive provides media planning, buying and consulting services that are tailored to the needs of the serious direct response marketer.

Online direct response campaigns are typically more challenging than branding campaigns in that every media buy has to deliver a positive return on investment. Not only do the ads need to reach the target audience, but also some kind of measurable action (a click, form submission or sale) has to occur. Many direct response marketers have had bad experiences with email marketing and online advertising. Used to the numbers generated from television and radio, these marketers tend to view online direct response as more of a sideshow.

Online direct response is the process of generating a lead, sale or other similar action directly from an Internet ad. Online direct response is measured through click through rates (CTR) and conversion rates (CR). Cookies and special tags are used to track which ads, landing pages and paths deliver the most conversions. This type of tracking is also used for cost-per-action (CPA), where the publisher is only paid if a sale occurs.
Koeppel Interactive takes online direct reponse to the next level. To achieve the response rates of television and radio, we combine innovative technology with a deep understanding of online advertising fundamentals: market research, testing, campaign planning, buying, strong execution, analysis and optimization. Our methodology stresses testing, retesting and constant tweaking to ensure that online campaigns achieve optimal media efficiency, cost per order and profitability.

Tools for Direct Response

Interactive Video Ads

Koeppel Interactive uses cutting-edge interactive video ads to get consumers' attention and drive high conversion rates. Our streaming video technology allows us to translate the attention-grabbing formula of the television infomercial to the Internet, where consumers tend to be less patient and more educated. Instead of simply showing a clip from the infomercial, we combine the best elements of the infomercial with eye-popping Flash overlays to create visually rich, immersive ads. We always place video ads where consumers window-shop or actively seek out online entertainment. These “passive” Internet users are more likely to rollover or click the ad, view the infomercial and respond to a call to action.

Koeppel Interactive's online video video ad formats include:

  • In-page streaming video ads
  • In-stream ads served into video content streams
  • In-application and in-game video ads
  • Self-selected video ads that launch from standard banners
Based on Macromedia Flash MX, our streaming video solutions rely on a global network of ad servers and streaming service providers. Our ads always load fast and intelligently adjust to the computer and bandwidth limitations of each online user.

Online Infomercials

Koeppel Interactive specializes in re-purposing television infomercials for online direct response. We convert both short and long form infomercials from standard video formats to Flash FLV files for real-time streaming. We then edit and enhance these files to develop online infomercials that are eye-catching, immersive and entertaining.  Depending on the ad format, we can embed the infomercial in a static banner, or use Flash graphics and interactive hotspots to make it more visually appealing and dynamic.

Online infomercials can be delivered through both rich media ads and standard banner ads. Koeppel Interactive uses the latter option to take advantage of low-cost ad inventory that still has the potential to grab eyeballs and generate sales.

Direct Response Testing

Testing is one of the most important tools of the online direct response marketer. Koeppel Interactive uses run-of-network tests, as well as specific daypart and run-of-site tests, to identify which ad placements, offers and creative assets are the highest performers. This process also helps us negotiate favorable CPA and CPC deals with the Internet's most visited Web sites. Test programs are conducted before any serious media buying takes place and typically are paid upfront as a flat fee.

Web-based Ordering and Upselling

Orders generated by an online infomercial may be directed to your shopping cart, or to a special landing page cart maintained by Koeppel Interactive. Our intelligent, video-enhanced shopping cart provides an interactive checkout process that advertises special offers and upsells. If customers abandon an order, the system can be configured to pop up special discounts or downsells.

ROI Tracking

Ongoing measurement and optimization are essential elements of a successful direct response campaign. Koeppel Interactive provides marketers with real-time tracking tools for calculating return on investment (ROI) and pinpointing which media buys are profitable and which are not. Koeppel Interactive uses a combination of cookies and Javascript to track post-click actions, including sale confirmations and shopping cart visits well after the ad was viewed.