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Online Video Advertising

Online, Interactive Video Advertising

Online video advertising is fast becoming the most effective form of rich media advertising on the Internet. Click through rates (CTR) and conversion rates (CR) for video ads are consistently higher than both static and animated banners.

Koeppel Interactive's powerful interactive video solutions enable marketers to reach online consumers with television-like spots and online infomercials that virtually pop off the screen. Our next generation video technology works with today's computers and connection speeds to deliver crystal clear broadcast-quality video, high-impact impressions and unparalleled conversion rates. Approved by all of the major publishers, our video solutions may be used for:
  • Rich media advertising
  • Standard banner advertising
  • Search engine pay-per-click advertising
  • Email marketing and viral video distribution/advertising
  • Mobile TV advertising

While designed to ride the Broadband wave, Koeppel Interactive's technology is also backward compatible with older versions of Flash, older operating systems and all popular Internet browsers.

Using advanced compression techniques, we can deliver very large video files (e.g. long form infomercials) to almost any computer. Our streaming network provides for global delivery of ads with state-of-the-art buffering to enhance play ratios and streaming quality.

Interactive Video Ads

In-Page and Transitional Video Ads

Koeppel Interactive's instant-play streaming video ads grab consumers' eyeballs and don't let go. These ads can be delivered as in-page video banners or interstitials (i.e. ads that appear on their own page, typically in between content pages).
Our expandable DRStrip format provides a streaming video banner that instantly expands to a full-size player when users click or rollover the ad. Imagine your DR spot or infomercial playing with full audio when users visit their favorite portal or shopping site. The ad can be configured to expand to different sizes and the player can have additional Flash graphics, interactive hotspots and other involvement options added for extra impact.  We can even incorporate logic to support upsells, downsells and behavioral sequencing to optimize each consumer interaction on the fly.

In-Stream Video Ads

Koeppel Interactive takes interactive video advertising to the next level with ads that are streamed into video content streams, such as online concerts, sports and news programs.
Our revolutionary DRClip format allows direct response marketers to place their DR spots or infomercials before, during or after content streams.

In-Application and In-Game Video Ads

With Koeppel Interactive, you can deliver interactive video ads to the Internet's most captive audiences: instant messenger and online game users. Our in-application and in-game advertising solutions provide targeted ads that run before or after the user has launched an IM session or online game. Ideal for direct response products that appeal to young adult consumers, IM and online game ads blend into the online experience as lean-in “advertainment.”

Self-Selected Video Ads

To take advantage of the large volume of standard banner inventory available on the Internet, Koeppel Interactive provides self-selected video solutions that launch infomercials from static banners. With this option, marketers get more ad space on more properties at significantly lower cost than premium rich media ad space.