Not all Online Video Converts: You Need the Right Mixture of Technology and Creative to Drive Consumers to your Conversion Page

There is a lot of debate over whether online video actually pays off. Direct response marketers are wary of the cost associated with rich media video ads, which tend to occupy premium ad space on the major networks and have a costlier CPM than traditional banner ads. Despite the higher-than-average conversion ratio of video ads, many marketers prefer search engine text ads and email blasts to get the most out of their CPO. Are they leaving money on the table?

Direct response marketers also question whether streaming video on their Websites actually accomplishes anything. In the DRTV space, most streaming video is provided by third-party online marketers who claim that their mini-infomercial videos lead to more conversions. Who is right?

The answer to this debate is that you need the right mixture of technology and creative to make online video pay - no matter what your CPM is or where you are advertising. Simply putting your video in a rich media ad unit, or streaming it in a simple player on your Website won't necessarily generate more conversions.

Video is most engaging when it is interactive. Video players that turn on the moment someone visits a Website can be distracting to consumers, and in some cases lower rather than lift conversion rates. Self-selected video, on the other hand, can make a Website more interactive and sticky. Video that consumers control with interactive hotspots (e.g. a button to select and buy a product within the video itself), can be powerful conversion tools.

Koeppel interactive specializes in interactive video ads, Websites and shopping carts that revolutionize the way consumers respond to DRTV brands, increasing not only conversions but also receptiveness to upsells, continuity programs and mail promotions, such as catalogs.

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