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Rich Media Buying

Koeppel Interactive offers rich media buying services to direct response marketers and traditional media buying agencies. Rich media is a category of digital media that includes animated banners and television-like streaming video ads. Rich media provides for a highly interactive and immersive experience that blurs the line between entertainment and advertising. Today's rich media ads can reach over 98 % of Internet users, offering a compelling advertising option that not only gets consumers' attention, but also delivers a high rate of response.

Large-scale rich media campaigns are complex affairs. To be effective, media buyers need to have good relationships with the top-tier Web publishers, as well as cradle-to-grave knowledge of demographic research, campaign planning, media buying, trafficking, optimization and reporting. The process can be especially challenging due to the variety of ad specifications and platforms used by the different publishers; the insertion and tracking of ads on a multitude of sites and placements; and finally the ongoing measurement and tweaking required to ensure optimal results.
Rich Media Buying is the process of planning, negotiating, purchasing and tracking rich media ads, such as Flash video-based ads, across different Web properties and placements. Rich media is more eye catching and interactive than traditional banners, driving higher click through rates and conversions. See also Online Video Advertising.
Koeppel Interactive helps direct response companies execute successful rich media campaigns by outsourcing the entire online media buying and advertising process. We always invest our clients' advertising dollars to achieve maximum return on investment (ROI). To demonstrate accountability and track performance, Koeppel Interactive provides clients with campaign and Web analytics reports that provide up-to-the-moment, actionable data on their cost per order, media efficiency and profitability.

Koeppel Interactive's rich media services include:
  • Market research (target segments, site demographics)
  • Media planning
  • Media negotiation, purchasing and placement
  • Copy and creative testing
  • Ad trafficking, including creative submission, ad inventory management
    and campaign optimization
  • Campaign analysis and reporting

Rich Media Planning and Buying Process

Market Research

Knowing which audiences to target is essential to a successful rich media campaign. Whether the campaign is global in scope or more geographically focused, Koeppel Interactive performs in-depth market research to understand target audience demographics and buying behavior. We bring to this process a strong understanding of the site demographics of the top-tier publishers (representing 95 % of all Internet traffic), enabling precision targeting across numerous Web properties. We also prepare psychographic profiles and use focus groups to further refine our marketing strategy.

Media Planning

Once we know your audience, we develop a campaign strategy that incorporates your business objectives and budget. This milestone triggers the media planning process, which includes selecting the right Web properties, placements, creative assignments, frequencies and other planning parameters to drive success. Koeppel Interactive's media planners are experts at developing large-scale blitz campaigns that can be “turned on a dime” to achieve optimal performance. This includes modifying offers, copy and creative, as well as fine-tuning audience targeting and programming choices.
Rich Media Planning is the process of developing rich media (e.g. interactive video) advertising plans using site demographics, behavioral analysis and other inputs. A rich media plan may contain one or several sub campaigns, depending on whether it is broad reach or targeted in scope. A plan should include the networks/sites being advertised on, placements, ad units (sizes), ad copy/creative versions, demographic targets (if applicable), flight start and end dates, number of impressions, % rotation, and any third-party tracking required. Rich media plans may change during the course of an online campaign and are subject to inventory availability, rates and other factors.

Media Buying

Koeppel Interactive translates planning into action with intelligent media buys across different Web sites and advertising networks. This process often starts with a direct response test, which allows us to develop baseline metrics and negotiate CPA and CPM terms. We leverage our purchasing volume and relationship with the major publishers to negotiate aggressive pricing and cancellation clauses below the standard rate card. We monitor the bottom line impact of every media buy and refine it accordingly.

Copy/Creative Testing

Koeppel Interactive's methodology stresses testing, retesting and constant tweaking to ensure that rich media campaigns achieve optimal media efficiency, cost per order and profitability. We pay special attention to ad copy and creative, testing different calls to action, images, colors and other factors to identify the strongest ad content with the highest click through, interaction and conversion rates. Often we will pre-test using lower-cost banner inventory (e.g. static GIFs) to fine tune copy and images before testing and rolling out a rich media campaign.

Ad Trafficking

Koeppel Interactive works with clients to manage the ad trafficking process, from ad design and copyrighting to creative development, submission/insertion, inventory management, campaign measurement and optimization. We coordinate the exchange of work product between all parties involved (marketers, production houses, publishers, and ad servers) and facilitate communications for smooth campaign execution. We are constantly monitoring deadlines, optimizing copy/creative and re-negotiating buys to ensure that all ads and ad placements deliver maximum bang for the buck.

Campaign Analysis and Reporting

Koeppel Interactive uses state-of-the-art analytics tools to track, measure and optimize rich media campaigns. Clients are provided with real-time reports that give them up-to-the-second intelligence on the performance of their advertising investments. This includes the media efficiency, cost per order and profitability of each media buy, ad format, creative execution and assignment. Clients can also track the impact of a direct response spot or infomercial through metrics such as duration of ad play, number of interactions and post-impression results.

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