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Search Engine Pay-Per-Click Buying

Koeppel Interactive provides a complete media buying solution for search engine pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. From keyword and key phrase analysis to bid management, optimization, ROI tracking and reporting, Koeppel Interactive offers expert media planning and buying services tailored to the needs of the direct response marketer.

All of the major search engines, including Google, MSN, and Yahoo, offer paid placement listings that typically appear above or to the right of the search engine results. Also called pay-per-click, PPC, or sponsored listings, these interactive text ads are a powerful way to deliver precision-targeted direct response. For a minimum monthly spend, some of the search engines will guarantee placement in one of the top three search results where the highest percentage of clicks occur.

Unlike the passive television viewer, the search engine user is actively looking for a specific kind of product. Koeppel Interactive will help you develop punchy text ads, engaging landing pages and streaming video content that win over even the toughest online consumers.
Search Engine PPC Buying is the process of planning, negotiating, purchasing and tracking text ads on search engine platforms such as Google, Overture and MSN. Also called paid search, PPC buying involves knowledge of search habits, keyword popularity, and search engine listing and bid management. Since the major search engines use an auction-type pricing system, bid management is essential for keeping cost-per-order (CPO) down, taking advantage of bid gaps, and driving campaign return on investment (ROI). See also Internet Media Buying and Rich Media Buying.
Koeppel Interactive's search engine paid advertising services include:
  • Market research (target segments, search patterns)
  • Keyword and key phrase analysis
  • Text ad copywriting and testing
  • Management of landing page content
  • Campaign planning across multiple search engines
  • Listing and bid management
  • ROI tracking and reporting

Pay-Per-Click Media Buying Process

Koeppel Interactive starts the process by researching your target audience, analyzing demographics and preparing market segment profiles. Once we understand your market, we prepare a master list of keywords and phrases for testing. The testing process often involves multiple campaigns with different text ads, offers, upsells and creative content. Search engine testing provides near instantaneous feedback, enabling us to optimize or abandon unproductive campaigns in real time.

Using a combination of campaign and Web analytics, Koeppel Interactive determines the correct number of keyword combinations necessary to drive traffic and conversions. Ongoing quantitative analysis help us determine which cost per click (CPC) bids to raise, which to lower and which to eliminate altogether.

Pay-per-click advertising requires detailed planning and continuous monitoring and tuning. We constantly track your ad positions and evaluate which ad copy, landing pages and rich media assets (e.g. long-form infomercial videos) are most productive. We compare high-cost versus low-cost, broad matching versus specific, and geo-targeted versus global phrases to nail down the best PPC ad mix for maximum return on investment (ROI).

Throughout the campaign, we provide you with regular and detailed reports. You will always have clear, measurable results for your search engine advertising investments.
Pay-per-click Buying involves the purchase of interactive text ads on search engines. Advertisers are only charged when a valid user clicks on an ad to visit a landing page or website. Pay-per-click is often confused with search engine optimization (SEO). SEO involves the engineering of a website to better respond to the search engine algorithms, ostensibly to show up as close to the top of the non-paid search results as possible. While SEO can be used to harvest traffic at very low cost, it is not always a reliable form of marketing. The search engines continually change their algorithms and new sites with more rigorous optimization constantly pop up to make positioning unpredictable.

Shopping Search Engines and Marketplaces

Shopping search engines and marketplaces, such as Yahoo! Shopping, eBay,,, Froogle, Shopzilla, BizRate, PriceGrabber,, mySimon and NexTag, provide specialized search results that include product details and price comparisons to help consumers find the best value. Like the major search engines, many of these shopping sites allow advertisers to bid on keywords and pay on a cost per click (CPC), cost per action (CPA) and/or commission basis. Some of them involve complicated setups, integration and data synchronization.

Koeppel Interactive helps direct response marketers master the shopping search engines and marketplaces, providing services for feed and web service integration, product listing submission, optimization, analysis and reporting. Due to the different feed specifications and interfaces involved, shopping sites can be technically complex and overwhelming for many marketers. We provide a complete "no hassles" outsourcing solution that manages all of your shopping sites and tracks their performance down to the individual product/offer level.

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