Online Media Buyer Koeppel Interactive Provides Solution for Direct Response Marketers

AUGUST 16, 2005 (Los Angeles, CA) - Direct response television and radio marketers are a unique breed. They sell products directly to the masses, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars each week to run spot ads and 30 minute infomercials across multiple broadcast and cable networks.  Because of the money and risk involved, established DR marketers (i.e. those who have been in business for more than five years) tend to work with experienced media buyers who know how to manage large campaigns and achieve a desirable media ratio and return on investment.
Given the amount they spend on traditional media, it is surprising how few DRTV and radio marketers run serious Internet advertising campaigns. Many are simply satisfied to let affiliate marketers and CPC firms scoop up "free" traffic funneled to the Web by their TV and radio ads. In the process, they leave a lot of money on the table and never realize the full potential of the Web.

What has long been needed in the direct response industry is an online media buying firm that can deliver DRTV and radio advertising numbers. Instead of simply scooping up TV-generated traffic, this media buyer would plan and execute sophisticated Internet campaigns that generated high-volume online orders and brand awareness for other channels, such as retail.

Koeppel Interactive, launched August 2005, provides a comprehensive online media buying solution specifically tailored to direct response marketers. Koeppel Interactive's services include market research, media planning, media buying, ad trafficking and campaign analysis and reporting for both Internet and on-demand television advertising.

Koeppel Interactive takes online direct reponse to the next level. To achieve the response rates of television and radio, the company combines innovative technology with a deep understanding of online advertising fundamentals: in-depth research, testing, campaign planning, buying, strong execution, analysis and optimization. Koeppel Interactive's methodology stresses testing, retesting and constant tweaking to ensure that online campaigns achieve optimal media efficiency, cost per order and profitability.

Koeppel Interactive works with all types of direct response marketers, from those who want to roll out large television and multi-channel campaigns to those who want to focus on pure-play Web and on-demand campaigns.

Contact Koeppel Interactive today for more information on their services, flexible pricing and direct response testing options.