News: Mobile Advertising on Fastforward

Mobile advertising is enjoying a huge surge in popularity, but up until recently, the buzz over mobile as the next advertising giant was largely theoretical.

That is not the case anymore. Recent numbers indicate that video advertising, for example, is 400% more effective on mobile devices than it is on online venues, and other forms of mobile ads are showing equally exciting numbers.

Among the most popular forms of advertising right now are mobile websites, text-messaging campaigns, smartphone apps, downloadable applications, and what might be called the “clicks”: click-through, click to action, click to download, click to map and click to call. Advertisers are expecting to spend about $2.16 billion on mobile marketing in the U.S. alone, a jump from $1.7 billion in 2009.

One of the biggest appeals of mobile advertising is its immediacy. As smartphone and other interactive mobile phone users are asked to respond to ads by interacting with them, they are encouraged to act on the offer right now – as opposed to, say, television ads, which expect you to retain an affection for their product until the next time you’re at the grocery store, whenever that may be.

The next step for mobile advertising? Possibly the iPad. Mobile advertising is going to have to keep pace with mobile technology – because while it’s a lucrative ad market, it’s one that’s here today, gone tomorrow as phones and other mobile devices change.